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Granby Memorial Day Performance (2016)

Our corps was founded in 1969 with the intention of creating a corps that could add both music and pageantry to community events.

The original founders sought to demonstrate the sound and presence of a pre-revolutionary colonial militia sponsored by a titled Englishman, John Manners (thus the English pronunciation of Marquis) who was the titular head of a militia in the colonies before the Revolution. The Connecticut 18th Militia was located in the area we now know as The Granbys, with Joseph Forward as Captain of one of the companies in the militia. Thus, the official name for our present day corps is: The Connecticut 18th Militia, Captains Joseph Forward’s Company, The Marquis of Granby’s Regiment. Captain Joseph Forward is buried in East Granby, CT. One of the ninety-six corps registered with The Company of Fifers and Drummers (headquartered in Ivoryton, CT), the Marquis of Granby is one of a few whose drum major and flag line follows the Von Steuben manual of arms. Von Steuben was the Prussian officer who taught Washington’s troops at Valley Forge the necessity of following precise drill and maneuvers in order to obtain the discipline necessary to be victorious in battle. Each new Marquis member must learn and become proficient in the musket drill before marching or advancing further. The same street discipline of our colonial troops is seen today when one observes the unique marching style of the Marquis with their “high-stepping” and “trooping”. You will not see a member of the Corps talk, smile, or look around while performing (well… hardly ever) as that would not have been allowed in a well-trained military unit in the Revolutionary War.

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