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Granby Memorial Day Performance (2016)


This website shows the full calendar for the Marquis of Granby. Also, on this site, there are thousands of pictures of the Marquis of Granby. If you are a member of the Marquis, you can view the roster, and check the message boards.

The Company of Fifers and Drummers

The Company of Fifers & Drummers is a nonprofit organization formed in 1965 to perpetuate the historical significance and folk traditions of fife and drum music and to foster the spirit of fellowship among fifers and drummers everywhere. Their roster lists corps, individuals, and institutional members all across the United States and in Europe. The Company owns and maintains the Museum of Fife and Drum at its headquarters in Ivoryton, CT. Here you can see many artifacts displayed, some dating back to the 18th and 19th century.

The Granby Community Fund

The Marquis of Granby is a member of the Granby Community Fund, which provides funding for our music and marching instruction and other program expenses.

The Granby Education Fund

The Granby Education Foundation has supported the Marquis through special grants to support our music education program. Most recently, they provided funding to support our purchase of a new snare and bass drum.

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