Granby Memorial Day Parade (2018)

Ranks in the Marquis of Granby

As our members build skills they advance in rank, moving from raw recruit to marching recruit to the playing or flag line. Each rank carries additional responsibilities.  Each incremental step up in rank is a meaningful accomplishment and requires a significant commitment of time, dedication and effort.  Promotions are not given out lightly and are well regarded when given.  Corps members are expected to continually work towards rank advancement.

Raw Recruit

Raw recruits can participate at practice, and spectate parades and performances, but they do not march with the corps at public performances. During practice, raw recruits are placed behind the corps to march with muskets. Our marching instructor will teach them how to march, how to high-step (this is one of the specialties that the Marquis is known for), how to hold a musket, the commands they need to know, and how to troop (also a specialty that the Marquis is known for). Recruits that decide to learn instruments, will be pulled out of marching practice by a drum or fyfe instructor, so they can learn how to play their respective instrument.

Marching Recruit

Marching recruits participate at practice and in parades and some performances. Like raw recruits, marching recruits are placed behind the corps to march with muskets. Being a marching recruit means that you are proficient at marching and musket drill alike. Marching recruits are still pulled out of practice, if they choose to play in instrument, by one of our instructors.


From here, you, or your child can be promoted directly to the playing line, or to the flagline. To be promoted to playing line, a recruit must be not only good at marching, but show proficiency at their instrument. Drummers must learn and memorize 8 songs (which are outlined in the Marquis Handbook), while fyfers must learn and memorize 10 songs before being promoted to playing line. After being promoted, playing line privates march with the fyfers and drummers. They are now able to participate in all parades and performances. If the recruit isn't ready to become a playing line member or they don't want to play an instrument, and they are good marchers, they will be promoted to flagline private. Flagline privates march behind the drummers, and in front of the recruits. Flaglne privates typically hold muskets, and they will learn to hold flags.


After, being promoted to private, you, or your child can be promoted to corporal. Playing line members must test in late November or December to be promoted to the rank of corporal and above. Drummers and fyfers must learn and memorize an additional 5 songs, to be promoted ( fyfers must also be able to play their fyfe solo). Flag line members can also be promoted to coporal. They must continue to show exceptional marching skill, and learn how to carry a flag. The Marquis flagline carries three flags in parades: the American Flag, the Connecticut Flag, and the Marquis of Granby Flag, which is a blue flag with the Marquis logo in the center. Corporals recieve a green epaulette, which they are expected to wear on their right shoulder in parades and performances.


The ranks above corporal are the leadership ranks. These ranks are prestigous, and should not be taken lightly. The first of these ranks is sergeant. Fyfers and drummers must learn and memorize an additional 9 songs, on top of the songs they already know. For flagline, this is the highest normal rank that you can be. Playing line sergeants, as well as flagline sergeants, also must have notable leadership ability, and be a good example of how a member of the Marquis of Granby should perform and behave.

Sergeant Major

Sergeant majors have an even higher responsibility in the corps. Typically, sergeant majors are leaders for their respective instrument. To be promoted to sergeant major, fyfers and drummers must know 10 additional songs from the book of The Company of Fifers and Drummers, and they must take a leadership class administered by the director. They should master all of the songs of the Marquis playlist. Sergeant majors wear a red and silver epaulette. Sergeant majors represent the corps to the public, and they have a responsibility to help fellow members improve on their marching, musicianship, and dedication to the Corps.

Flagline Captain

The flagline captain's responsibility is to call commands for the flagline and recruits. There can only be one flagline captain at a time, so promotions are rare and very prestigous. The flagline captain in the Marquis uses a halberd for commands and to express a message of leadership. The flagline captain wears a special hat and a black epaulette with grey threads.


The major has the ultimate responsibility in the corps. The major leads the corps in parades, and they are in charge of the entire corps. The major carries the mace to carry a message of leadership, and to call commands. Not everyone can be a major. It takes great leadership, great marching skill. fast thinking, a sense of musicality, and a voice that carries. Majors wear special hats and black epaulettes with grey threads.

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